SurALux UV Lightsystem 720

A diversification of SurALux Series is our UV Light System 720.
Possible applications of UV Light System 720:
Light curing of  SurACer 4450/4460/ 4497
Jedno- i obustronne naświetlanie klisz do stempli
Klisze do tampodruku
Jedno- i obustronne naświetlanie płytek drukowanych
Glass print

By default the device consists of two modules A and B and it can be expanded with modules C to F. Curing surface is 2255 cm2 in each tray. Composite curing surface in three modules A, B and C equals 6765 cm2. Electronic control allows for enabling or disabling each section of the UV lamp. Curing time can be set between 1 – 999 seconds. Cooling control is automatic, it switches on after 60 seconds from the start of curing process and off 60 seconds after its completion.


  • dimensions: 640 x 490 x 370 mm
  • Curing time: depending from material and dome/ layer thicknes, possible adjustment range form 1 to 999 seconds
  • Curing area : 550 x 410 mm for each tray
    UV light source: 20 tubes 36 W each  (modules A + B), 10 UV tubes module C (option), UV radiation and visible light)
  • Digital timer enables to control each section of UV lamp
    CE certified
  • Napięcie wejścia: 230 V AC
  • Zabezpieczenie: 5 A
  • Pobór mocy: 720 W
  • Weight: ok. 27 kg
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