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Why our resins are the best choice for doming?

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Safe for the environment

Out products do not contain isocyanate components (UV resin), PBDEs and are mercury-free

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Pot life

The tremendous extension of pot-life - at least 5 days

UVA light curing

Curing process lasts only 5 to 10 minutes


High quality and great visual value


Labels domed our resin are climate-stable, suitable for long-term outdoor application - they remain clear (no yellowing).


Thanks to its elasticity it is possible to use domed labels on textiles.

Choose a set for your needs

We offer a wide range of entry-level up to semi-automatic and robot controlled doming workstations for both professional and individual production of doming articles. Either simple dispensing with dispensing guns and small light-curing boxes or professional 6-fold automatic dispensing and big light-curing boxes up to DIN A3 format. Here, you will always find the doming workstations suitable for your needs and your capacity.

Quantity: up to about 300 items

Sets Start

Quantity: 300-800 items

Sets Basic

Quantity: 800- several thousand

Sets Pro

Quantity: From several thousand

Sets Expert

We have everything you need for 3D stickers production ... and even more!

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SurADoming Start 10

SurADoming START 10 is our smallest, fully equipped coating workstations, used for the production of 3-dimensional stickers in very small quantities. The SurADoming START 10 will help you to prepare for the production of larger quantities and become familiar with the SurACer® 4460 doming resin.

SurACer® 4460

The new SurACer® 4460 doming resin has lower viscosity, increased adhesion, higher transparency, greater material hardness and a reduced resin odor. Try it out – available immediately from our stock!