Varnish SurACer 1-50

SurACer® 1-50 is a solvent-containing, transparent, 1-component polyurethane lacquer for the coating of metallic surfaces and glass, particularly suitable for aluminum surfaces.

The special coating material is UV- and climate stable. Depending on the composition, SurACer® 1-50 can provide glossy, matt or colored coatings with a scratch-resistance of approx. 2N. SurACer® 1-50 is also highly suitable for the deposition on formable surfaces, since its coating layers have high elasticity. The 1-component coating requires no mixing processes, making its handling easier and safer.

The curing process shall be performed within 5 minutes at a temperature of 150 °C or 10 minutes at a temperature of 160 °C. The curing process is also possible at lower temperatures down to 130 °C with, consequently, extended curing time.

The SurACer® 1-50 coating material has a broad field of application, such as in automotive, electronics, optics, glass processing, printing industry, graphic industry, chemical industry and solar technology.

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