SurACer® 4450

The light-cured and isocyanate-free  SurACer® 4450 doming resin enhances impressively the decorative effect of printed motives on polyester, PVC, and metallic foils as well as on aluminum or plastics. The innovative material provides completely new combinations of properties (see below).

SurACer® 4450 doming resin is a solvent-free, low-viscosity protective coating based on a highly reactive SH/en system. The absence of isocyanate components prevents from skin irritations, often observed with commonly used polyurethane and Epoxy doming resins (see documentation – comparison to common doming resins).

SurACer® 4450 doming resin can be applied either manual or automatic, with continuous or intermittent process techniques in both former cases. The tremendous extension of pot-life and elimination of dispenser cleaning-operations (as in the case of Polyurethane systems) improves drastically the economic aspect.

The light-cured SurACer® 4450 by the SurALux light-curing boxes, provides transparent, very flexible and optically brilliant protective coatings for either screen-, digital-, sublimation- or transfer printings applications. The very short light-curing time of the SurACer® 4450 doming resin shortens the entire manufacturing process required, in comparison to state-of the-art products.

Provide high quality, visual value and that extra feel of luxury to your doming labels, 3D Stickers or any other promotional articles, in any shape or color. Give your product its own identification.

Isocyanate-free components Avoidance of skin irritations & ecological load
Light-cured Short exposure times
Extended pot-life Easy handling
High transparency Three-dimensional effect optics
Stable towards UV and climate Suitable for outdoors applications
Very good adhesion High coating lifetime
High flexibility on hard elastisity Broad field of application


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