SurACer® 4460

The SurACer® 4460 doming resin is a solvent-free, low-viscosity two-component protective coating, based on a highly reactive SH/en system and is the new development of the successful SurACer® 4450 doming resin. The innovative material provides even better properties, improving the adherence, simplifying the processability, as also enhancing the decorative effect of the material.

The new SurACer® 4460 doming resin provides a much lower viscosity (almost the half to that of its predecessor), which contributes to a better flow of the liquid material, making the application of the resin much easier with both manual and automatic dispensing techniques. The already high adhesion of the material has become greater, providing a stronger bond between the resin and the foil used. The doming resin enhances the material ́s three-Dimensional effect due to higher transparency, coming from the even lower inherent color of the resin. The material ́s hardness has become greater to ensure a higher surface protection, retaining, at the same time its flexibility. Also, the decenter odor of the resin leads to a pleasant material processing.

The new SurACer® 4460 doming resin provides combination of properties, such as:

  •         Isocyanate-free components (avoidance of skin irritations & ecological load)
  •         Light-curing (very fast curing process)
  •         Very long pot-life (very easy handling)
  •         Stable towards UV and climate (suitable for outdoor use)
  •         Even higher adhesion (longer coating lifetime)
  •         Lower viscosity (easier material application)
  •         Even higher transparency (greater 3D optical effect)
  •         High flexibility at greater material hardness (broader field of application)
  •         Decent resin odor (pleasant processability)

Take advantage of the excellent properties of SurACer® 4460 and provide to your doming labels, 3D stickers and other promotional items in any shape or color, a higher quality, a visual value and that extra feel of luxury.

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