Seria SurADoming PRO 60

The smallest set of SurADoming PRO series. SurADoming PRO 60 is a professional doming workstation used for the processing of the SurACer® 4460 coating resin and is operated with pressure tank, manual dispensing pinch valve and compressor. This workstation enables an easy, individual and manual production of doming labels, stickers and other promotional items. The pressure tank (with 2 l capacity), provides a continuous dispensing operation over a long period of time, as also flow-rate adjustments (increasement/ decreasement of the material flow-rate), reducing, thus, considerably the producton time.

 Approx. productivity (labels 2×2 cm/hour.): 1000 pcs.

Approx. SurACer® consumption (kg/hour.): 0,70


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