SurADoming PRO 300

SurADoming PRO 300 is a highlight of PRO series. Equipped with a DIN A3 slide-table with up to 6-fold dispensing distributors, material pressure tank and digital dispenser and also vacuum system (vacuum plates, vacuum shelf, vacuum pump) enables the entrance into massive production rates. The equipment combination optimizes the dispensing process of the resin and reduces significantly the manufacturing time. The light-cured and environmental friendly SurACer® 4460 doming resin will be the doming material used. Dispensing productivity raises to 3800 pcs (a piece of 4qcm)/hour.

The foils to be coated are tightly fixed by means of vacuum generation. In that way, the dispensing and curing process of doming materials on the fixed foil, is safer and simplified, without the additional use of adhesion sprays or similar techniques. A rack for 5 vacuum plates is also included.


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