SurADoming Start 10

SurADoming Start 10 is in the portfolio of the SurADoming workstations the smallest, fully equipped coating workstation, used for the production of 3-dimensional stickers in very small quantities. The SurADoming START will help the operator to prepare for the production of larger quantities and become familiar with the handling of the SurACer® 4460 doming resin.

SurADoming Start 10 workstation includes:

  • Light curing box SurALux 8205-LC, 350 x 120 mm
  • 1 kg doming resin
  • Squezze bottle
  • Mixing cups and stirrers
  • SurAChem cleaner

Approx. productivity (labels 2×2 cm/hour.): 120 pcs.

Approx. SurACer® consumption (kg/hour.): 0,08

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